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Everything is life is a sale…

And everything you want is a commission, to quote Grant Cardone. Very often, I get comments like: « I don’t know how you do it, I could not work in sales, I am not a good sales person. » I have bad news for you. Everything in life is a sale, and everything you want is a commission. Here are 3 sales skills that you need to master in order to make your career move forward. The lost art of cold calling I stand corrected, not all calls are that cold. Keep in mind that at some point in your career, you will need to call and ask someone you don’t know to get something you don’t have. Maybe you should learn to master that skill now. The 1st call is always the hardest. The best way to get started is to structure your call in a simple and straight forward way. Introduce yourself. Explain the reason of your call. Give your prospect a reason to help you. Ask for what you want. Shut up. Imagine. You are an HR manager and you succeed at filling your positions by using cold calls to hunt the best candidates. You’re helping your employer to save thousands of dollars. This is an excellent way to increase your value on the market. The lost art of follow-ups Only 2% of your prospects will be ready to do business with you on the 1st call. The magic happens between the 5th and 12th call. You must develop your persistence. A few years ago, I even got a job offer due to the quality of my follow-ups.... read more


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