I’m sure you have ALL read my last article “The 40% rule.” SEAL, David Goggins, is one of the worst Bad ass on the planet. For those who do not know the scope of work of the Navy SEALs, they intervene when the army is in trouble! To get a better idea of what their training is like, I suggest you watch the movie G. I. Jane.

Jesse Itzler, the author of this completely hilarious book, is an entrepreneur who has interests in several types of businesses. He asked SEAL to live with him and train him for 30 days. The only SEAL condition was that there is no conditions! Jesse agreed to do whatever SEAL told him, and there was no limit.

I read the whole book in 4 days. Here are the lessons I draw and I’ll try to apply in my career and my personal life.

Everyday do something that makes you uncomfortable. – SEAL

Let’s be honest two seconds. Society has mastered the art of staying in his comfort zone. The problem is that NOTHING happens in our comfort zone. Very often what makes you uncomfortable is what will allow you to move forward.

Every day, do a little something that scares you. The return on your investment may surprise you.

When I see or read about someone interesting, I call them up and basically ask them to be my friend. – Jesse Itzler

When did you last contacted someone to tell her you love her work and it inspires you? It’s a pat on the shoulder which everyone needs. At least that everyone appreciates.

Tell people who are important to you that you appreciate them. This is the best way to create a lasting relationship.

I don’t do shit for applauses, I don’t do shit for fanfare, I do shit for me. – SEAL

In this world where our reputation is everything we have. At a time where what others think it is an almost paramount. I think we must learn to do things for ourselves.

I believe it is important to ask ourselves “WHY” we do what we do. Why do you do the job you do? Why did you choose to work for your current employer? Going back to our “why” often allows us to answer any questions, to understand what makes us happy in our work.

I don’t think about yesterday. I think about today and getting better. – SEAL

The key word for me is getting better”. I hate the status quo. I love to learn and I want to become better at what I do. I multiply the training online or in class. I ask people questions that I consider better than me or at least more experienced. I’m a sponge and I will never tire.

Yet, I do not own a degree. I have a big diploma in humanities, no mathematics. The education system does not suit me. I learned the business by myself, following in the footsteps of people I admire and respect.

You, what do you do to get better? What is the last training you attended you without it being required by your professional organization? When did you learn something new for the last time?


I could easily make it to 20 lessons, then consider this article as “Part 1″. I would never claim to have the level of physical condition and work ethic of a Navy SEAL, but if I can incorporate some of their methods in my daily life, it will be a step in the right direction .

I hope I have inspired you to do the same.

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