Mylène Recrute is the only call you need to make for all your human resources needs.


Mylène Beaudoin

Mylène Beaudoin



Our mission:


To help you grow your company through all three facets of human resources: recruitment, training, and expert consulting services.




About us:


In January 2014, after devoting 4 years to helping others fulfil their dreams and ambitions, Mylène decided to focus on her own aspirations. That is when she launched Mylène Recrute.


Our recruitment solutions are budget-friendly, timely, and effective. When you call on Mylène Recrute, you get the right person for the right job. No hassles, no excuses.


With Mylène Recrute, you save time. How? Because we provide you with the best available candidates on the market. We send you only the best.


With Mylène Recrute, you save money. How? Because we offer the most competitive rates on the market. Can you afford a costly recruitment mistake? Of course not. That is why our training solutions (webinars and classroom sessions) are designed to enhance your recruitment, management, and job-search skills.


Our expert consulting services help you focus on what really matters – growing your company. Let us take care of your human resources management, pay equity program, and succession planning.


Go ahead, put us to the test!



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