A long time ago, when I got started in recruitment, I had to create fake job postings every week to attract candidates. When working on temporary positions, we needed to have “ready to start” candidates in a short time, often the next day.

I quickly realized that we were far from alone in having this practice. I understand so much the frustration that job seekers can have …

The best way to address the question …

Before giving you this answer, I would like to explain a little more about how the work is organized in the big agencies. Employees are evaluated weekly based on their level of activity. Each employer has a different business model that has made them successful. On the other hand, recruiters often have to meet more than 10 candidates each week in order to meet the requirements of their employer.

When an agency calls you to schedule an interview for a position, you have the right to ask if they really have a position for you. Or if you are only there to make their candidate interview quotas this week.

The best way to get around these practices …

It’s simply to bypass the application process. Contrary to popular belief, there are only 3% of positions that are filled by traditional job postings. Some authors a saying it is only 1% of the jobs that are filled through this process.

There is “Mylene’s method” that is a little aggressive: you find who is the manager to whom this position will report to and you call him (with the phone) directly. No stupid emails. A real real phone call!

Look at my different articles on the cold call and build your script. Then do your follow-ups diligently, always asking for permission. For example: “If I do not hear from you by t Friday, may I give you a call?”

The softer method: you ask for an introduction. Make your network work for you. You will be surprised at how much your entourage is ready to help. This type of process is much less expensive for the employer, who does not have to waste many days in interviews, check references, etc.

Final words…
A growing economy brings even more job seekers to the market, passively or actively. The fact that the number of job seekers increases makes finding a new opportunity even more difficult.

So, be patient and do not hesitate to think outside the box to get what you want!

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