One of my favorite selling tools for coaching and consulting is unquestionably to offer strategic calls or the discovery calls. Call it what you want! It’s a very powerful tool, and it can bring a lot of value to the customer. This week I am telling you about the structure of an excellent discovery call and the errors to avoid.

Let’s start with a story …

If you have been following me a bit you know that recently I launched my YouTube channel. I understand the power of the videos, but I needed help in order to quickly maximize the use this tool. So, I found Sunny Lennarduzzi. She walks the talk. Her content is excellent. I obtained excellent results only by using free tools. For me, this is a good sign.

Sunny led a promotion through her email for her coaching program, “Authority Accelerator”. I was interested and I made an appointment for a strategic call. After making the appointment I completed a questionnaire that never ends, probably to test my seriousness and my commitment. My call was unfortunately canceled … That was where I made some research …

The person who offered me this strategic call to develop my YouTube channel is NOT PRESENT on this platform. I understand it’s a sales call, but still … How can you analyze my work if you didn’t do it yourself?

In my opinion, this is a perfect example of what not to do.

Always lead with value. ALWAYS.

As Eric Thomas said: “Always lead with value”. Before asking for a sale, one must explain to the prospect what results can be expected with your training, your coaching etc.… You must show him that you are able to obtain these results for him. And that’s where 90% of people get stuck.

When I see people offering strategic calls, but basically telling their prospect, “If you really want content, give me $ 10,000,” it makes me sick. SICK.

If you choose this method for your sales, the reaction of your prospect should be “OMG! She shares ALL of this for free with me, imagine what she would give me when I pay!”

The 7 steps to strategic calls that gives value and converts

Why NOW?

Clarify with your prospect why is this the right time for him to move forward. Why did he take this call today?

Why ME?

Knowing why your prospect has chosen you will give you valuable information on how to develop your relationship

What is your greatest obstacle?

This is when your prospect will explain his problem to you. This is the time to listen and take notes.

What will your life look like in a year, once your goals are met?

It is vital to understand what success is for your client, allowing you to tailor your speech to their needs.

So, if I understand … did I understand you correctly?

Not all leads will arrive prepared and able to articulate their expectations. This question will ensure that you have understood correctly.

Here is what I would like to do with you!

This is the moment to show your potential customers what you can do for them. Give value, show them the transformation.

Ask the sale.

In a casual way, ask your prospect if he would like to go ahead with the plan you have just presented.

Final word …

The more you give, the more you will receive. It’s that simple. I do not suggest you disclose all your marketing strategies to your prospects from the very beginning. But you must sincerely try to make a difference for them on every call. Your prospect gives you an hour. Consequently, you must show him respect in order to move your relationship forward.


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