There are a few weeks, the CEO of a recruitment firm asked what, in my opinion, that a person recruitment success. Very few people are studying in order to make external recruitment. I do not know many recruiters who wanted to embrace this career upon graduation. Personally, I arrived by chance, and I fell in love with this profession.

What does it take to succeed? We cannot work in recruitment while waiting to have a better opportunity and be successful. This is what, in my opinion and my research distinguishes the great recruiters.

They have an innate sense of sales and marketing.

A recruiter has a dual selling job to do. He must first convince his clients that he can find them the best candidates on the market; then he has to convince the candidates that his opportunity is best for his career.

They are great at networking.

When working in recruitment, we make our living by leveraging our network of contacts. Networking, it’s part of the job. There is an old adage that says “It’s not what you do that counts, it’s who you know.” This is so true in recruitment.

That said, those who excel have the ability to maintain this network, they are not only goof at collecting business cards.

They are results-oriented.

At my first job recruitment, I was told that I had the opportunity to earn close to 100K in the next 2-3 years. My goal was to start receiving bonuses in the first 6 months. I was told that it was impossible, but I did it.

Recruitment is often paid in commissions. So successful recruiters are lit by high income that this work can bring. The best recruiters I know earn over 400K per year here in Montreal. If you are only having excuses, this job is not for you. If you are a “whatever it takes” kinda person, recruitment may be a great career for you.

They do not give up.

Finding a pink unicorn with blue spots is never easy. It can be time consuming, and often, the customer changes his mind. He wants her unicorn with green peas. You see what I mean? If we give up at the first hurdle, we will never be successful.
The best recruiters are equipped with a tenacity and resilience foolproof.

They are friendly (Likeable)

The best person to teach this aspect of the business is with no doubt Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable local, and social media expert. We need to take a genuine interest in the person in front of us; ask how we can help and then see what they can bring us. First it’s good for your Karma, and being a “giver” always pay back.

The excellent recruiters work with people, not with CV. Yes, we are working with profiles, it’s part of the game. BUT, if you are not genuinely interested in people, you won’t be successful.

In conclusion, the best recruiters completely dedicate themselves to their work, they are super great at networking, have strong sales skills, are addicted to results, they are about people and never give up!
Here! Good hunt!


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