Before you start shopping around, I would like to encourage you to ask yourself some questions. A CRM that no one uses in a business is a huge waste of time and money. In this article, I will discuss the processes you should try to automate, and we’ll look at the questions you should ask you to choose the CRM that suits your needs.

What are the processes to automate?

Since 80% of sales occur after the 5th call, tracking your prospects during your sales cycle is critical. This is the first thing you should automate. It’s not your client’s job to remember you, it’s your job to make sure you’re unforgettable.

A CRM should also allow you to give a score to your prospects. Time is money. You want your sales force to focus on the customers with the best chances of closing the deal.

Finally, reporting should be automated as well. You have other things to do than whip up nice little Excel spreadsheets for your team. Once this practice is automated, you can focus on coaching your team and building relationships with your clients.

Questions to ask yourself when choosing a CRM

What is your budget?

If you opt for a free solution, you will get your money’s worth. Clarify with your accountant what is reasonable for you each month and start from there.

What kind of integration do you need?

Integration is when you want 2 software to talk to each other and exchange information. Your CRM should integrate easily with your accounting software as well as the different payment gateways and digital marketing platform you use.

Do you need a mobile version of your CRM?

Do you need to install software on each of your computers, or can you work on your business from anywhere in the world? We are in the age of mobility, of work/family/personal-life balance. This kind of option is “basic” in my opinion!

What type of customer service is offered?

CRMs that offer only email/chat support will always be cheaper. Phone support is always more expensive. It’s up to you to see what your team will need. In addition, most companies that offer this type of software are American. You must have advanced enough English to exchange and converse with the technical support staff.

The final word…

A CRM adapted to your needs will allow you to better follow your customers and shorten your sales cycle. It should even allow you to increase your income and pay for itself within a very short amount of time.
On the other hand, you have to put in the effort and make sure that your team will follow on this project.

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