Those who know me know that cinema is my 2nd home. I love movies with strong female characters, I love Jessica Chastain. Watching Molly’s movie game was not an option! I loved it!

Today, I will share with you the lessons I learned from Molly.

The goal is to win.

Win what? Against who? We do not care. Molly was raised, educated to win. An elite athlete, who had to put a stop to her career because of a very bad fall in freestyle skiing; still, she remained conditioned to win. She was offered an opportunity, she grabbed it. Someone took this opportunity away, she created one herself. That’s all. Play to win. No matter what.

No degree? That’s not an excuse not to build a multimillion dollars business!

Molly made the choice to spend a year in Los Angeles after her tragic skiing accident. The plan for her was to start law school after her sabbatical . After all, she had already had a career (skier) and was retired.

There is no university program in gambling management! Nope! Molly built something phenomenal just by learning on the job, with her intelligence and wit. In addition, we are talking about a woman in a male environment. She was holding the most prestigious “Man Cave” on the planet.

Now, come and talk to me about your impostor complex!

You can offer a 10K buy-in experience, or you can offer a 250K buy-in experience.

When she took over her boss’ business, after being fired, she completely revamped the experience for her customers. Instead of the basement of a shitty bar, she chose one of the most prestigious hotels in Los Angeles. She served the most expensive spirits, and offered a completely different experience. Then she increased the buy- in to 50K until it reached 250K. Everything is in the experience you offer your customers.

The question that remains is what kind of experience do you want to offer? There’s a market for everything.

Your list of names, your contacts, are your best assets.

As a recruiter, I make a living with my contacts. In some discussions with my sweet mother, she often asks me “How do you know this person?   My answer is always “It’s my job to know people”.

If you are an entrepreneur, your contact network is worth gold. In fact, with a few phone numbers, Molly was able to restart a business from NOTHING. She built an exclusive place that brought in millions of dollars. Your contacts are precious. When I let a person in my circle, it’s because I know that she is serious and that she will not waste the time of my precious collaborators.

Side note : Molly built two businesses only with networking.

In the end, your name is all you have left.

Molly has always refused to give the information of her clients to the authorities. She preferred to plead guilty, taking the chance to end up in jail. Why? When you lost all your money, that you have more than 2,5M in circulation in the street that you cannot recover, that the Russian mafia tried to take control of your company …

Your name is all you have left. And she chose to honor it.

Everyone is entitled to a comeback

As our neighbors to the south say : “America loves a comeback!”. When you failed and you are down on the ground. You get up, remove the dust and continue your way to the top. Molly’s comeback will be epic! Follow her FB page, her Twitter & Instagram account

All the best for the new year!

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