If we’ve had the privilege of exchanging on the subject, you know that I am much more a person of “skills” than a person of “mindset.” That said, I am the first to train and try to become better every day. In my opinion, personal development is much more than “deep” quotes on Instagram. It is a commitment I make every year and for which I make a plan.

2018 was my best year ever. I had the privilege of working with people I love and admire like Eric Thomas, Sean Stephenson and Mindie Kniss. I have been to Arizona 3 times, including one where I had the privilege of being in a presidential suite in a 5-diamond hotel.

Your personal development, like your marketing, should be planned!

Every year, I take time to reflect on what I have accomplished, and then choose what I want to focus on for the next 12 months. This is how I choose who I would like to work with, what training I will attend in the next year.

If you have not planned your personal growth, you will probably be at the same point next year. Mark my words.

Personal growth, when you don’t have the budget.

3 trips to Arizona is expensive. Just in training (not counting travel and hotels), I invested more than 5000 USD. Determine the percentage of your income that you want to devote to your personal development and choose the activities you plan to do. You can ask your banker to open a savings account for this purpose.

There are several courses in Quebec. If you want to stay home and read, the bookstores are ready for anything to sell you books. Maybe you want to read one book per month because it fits your budget, and that is perfect.

Always attend training with a goal in mind.

It’s something I learned from my sales mentor, Marco Cimon. Now, before each training, I choose what I want to take away from it. It’s useless to want to learn everything, remember everything.

When I went to see Eric Thomas in Boston, I wanted to reconnect with the basics and feel full of love. I left this formation with two words: with intention, and purposefully.
That’s what I try to apply every day.

The final word…

Your professional development, as a human being, is planned both in terms of the choice of activities and your budget. Set a goal and an intention and you will certainly be on the road to success.

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